Finding Digital Products

4 Steps To Find Perfect Affiliate Products To Promote.

You’re not finding a perfect product to promote!

Ok don’t worry, in this guide, you’ll learn how to find the perfect affiliate product in 4 steps.

In Affiliate Marketing the impotent thing is finding winning affiliate products to make passive income.

Finding the perfect products to promote is not difficult, but you have to check if the product fits you or not.

Types of Affiliate Products.

There are 2 types of affiliate products available to promote online:

Digital Products

Digital products are products you sell online without a physical form, like Ebooks, Courses, Photos, etc…

Physical Products

Physical Products means Products which can be touched or tangible that you’re using daily, like product available on Amazon

How To Find Digital Products.

To get this, you’ll need to get it from places like Clickbank, Commission Junction, or JVZoo.

Here you’ll find a lot of products that have affiliate programs. Just scroll through the list and look for the ones you’re interested in.

You will be able to see a few details about the different products that can be found on the site, so check out the products that are selling for a decent price and offer a good commission.

Some sites will let you see a rough number of sales, in which case you of course want to look for the items that are selling well.

Once you’ve identified the product you would like to promote, they’ll provide you with your link and you’ll be free to use that as you choose.

When you identify the product you would like to promote, they’ll provide you a link, and that link can be used in any way you choose.

There is another thing to keep in mind here, as many affiliate products include marketing material with them.

You should remember that if you are doing well, the creator is doing well. As such, they will provide you with things like emails, sales pages, banner ads, and other materials.

Tip: If you’re just starting in the world of marketing, then it is highly advisable to choose a product that comes with this kind of bonus.

By copying and pasting materials, you’ll be able to start almost immediately.

There’s no reason it shouldn’t work that well: you’re promoting the same product and the same marketing spiel… so there must be no difference in sales results.

It’s a copy and paste business model. Someone else has already set up the system and done a great job selling the product, so all you have to do is copy the system and ensure your bank account receives the investment.


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Best Networks to Find Digital Products.

Here are the best networks to find amazing digital products from a wide range of selecting:

  • Clickbank.
  • Commission Junction.
  • JVZoo.
  • ShareASale.
  • Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window).
  • CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction).
  • Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare).
  • Avangate Affiliate Network.
  • FlexOffers.
  • Peerfly

How To Find Physical Products.

How to Physical Products

Selling eBooks on JVZoo is an excellent way to maximize your profits, it has limitations. Despite what other marketers may tell you, physical products are still the type of product that is most popular online.

When you think about it, this makes sense. Aren’t there many people who buy physical products? Everyone, right? But how many would buy an ebook?

Your grandmother might not be able to read it because she doesn’t know how to read a PDF file. Your friend who doesn’t read may be unable to as well. so you get a much smaller piece of the market.

Best Networks to Find Physical Products.

As an affiliate marketer, the best way to sell physical products is to become an Amazon Associate.

Amazon’s associate program is comparable to a traditional affiliate program and is appealing to many marketers.

If you do a Google search on affiliate marketing, the vast majority of it revolves around selling digital products on sites such as JVZoo, ClickBank, etc…

At Amazon, things are a bit different. There is already a split between the manufacturer and Amazon and they must pay for storage, shipping, and postage, so generally, there won’t be much above 4% or 8%.

Therefore, you will have to sell a lot more items at higher prices to turn a profit, But does that mean you can’t use Amazon Associates? Not at all.

For starters, selling physical products is usually more profitable than selling digital products. Consider this: would you rather buy something that you can hold in your hand and show to friends or something that you have to read on a computer screen?

Better yet, Amazon is a recognized brand and a company people trust. That means they’re much more likely to buy from them – and they can buy with one click!

The best part is that Amazon is a reputable brand that people trust, which means that they’re much more likely to buy from them – and they can buy with one click!

There are millions of products to choose from on Amazon, which means there will be something relevant for every article.

if someone clicks on your URL and then purchases from Amazon they’re still credited with payment! This kind of earning should add up over the long run.

For example –

A computer was purchased with your affiliate link, and you were to get 8% of the sale even if you didn’t promote the product directly, you will earn the commission as long as you sent the buyer to Amazonssion.

So, the best strategy is to market both Amazon and other ways! Just don’t leave Amazon out of the equation otherwise you will be missing out!

In the future Guides, you’ll discover how to promote Amazon products slightly differently, to get the most from them.

(Note: One limitation of Amazon Associates is that you can’t earn cash if you don’t live in the same country. In other words, if you are based in the UK, then you will need to send your customers to Amazon UK. You can still make sales through, but you’ll only be able to collect vouchers in exchange.)

Other Options for Finding Physical Products.

Amazon is not the only way to sell physical products. There are countless physical stores out there, many manufacturers that offer affiliate programs directly to marketers.

You might find that if you take the time to look around for other products, you’re able to find something that is much more directly relevant to the topic of your site (and thereby more likely to sell).

To find these affiliate programs, just try typing in your niche and then “affiliate program” when searching on Google. You can also find plenty of lists online for the best affiliate programs in each industry.

Another option is to direct a manufacturer or seller that doesn’t offer an affiliate program… and then to ask them if they would consider creating one for you. If you manage to do this successfully, you can strike up an exclusive deal and potentially get a large commission too.

Of course, for this to work, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have the reach and the influence to make it worth their while.

Few networks to find physical products:

  • Walmart Affiliates.
  • eBay Partner Network.
  • ShareASale.
  • Awin.
  • ClickBank.
  • FlexOffers.
  • Peerfly


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4 Steps to Find affiliate products.

  • Follow these 4 simple steps.
  • Selecting your Niche
  • Creating a Listing.
  • Compare the products
  • Select one

Step #1: Selecting your Niche.

The first step in getting a product is selecting a Niche. Niche means who are people interested in a specific topic, as your interest in affiliate marketing, so affiliate marketing comes in a niche.

You can select a niche by your interest, knowingly, competition, or range of affiliate products.

But apart from that, I advise you to select the niche you’re interested in because when you work with the interest you’ll do better and become successful.

Step #2: Creating a Listing.

The second step in finding a product is Creating a Listing of Products.

Write a list of products you find on the internet, by writing a list of products can help you to find a perfect product to promote.

Step #3: Compare the products.

After creating a list of products, now compare the products in list by

  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Quality

These are the 4 steps to find a perfect product.

Tips to Find the Best Affiliate Product.

These tips can help you in finding the best affiliate product.

  • Selecting within your Niche.

When you select the correct product that relates to your niche, you will promote it better and earn more money.

I will give you a simple example: it’s very good to select products related to your niche.

If you are in the health niche and promoting SEMrush you can not make sales. because they are looking for health stuff but you are promoting an SEO tool.

so, it’s important to choose the right product to promote.
As you can also see here, I’m using content creation in my blog to promote my affiliate offers.

  • Selecting Well-Known Brands.

You will find that as a beginner to affiliate marketing,

if you promote a brand that is unknown to your audiences, will confuse the users to buy it or not, But if you promote a brand that is known to your audiences will encourage them to purchase it.

For example, your look for a sunscreen then you searched in google for it you found a blog talking about sunscreen at the end blogpost you found a link to buy, you opened it

  • In case of Unknown Brand:-

The product page of Xyz is opened if you like the product you will think to buy it or not because you don’t know Xyz

  • In case of Well-Known Brand:-

The product page of Amazon is opened if you like the product you will buy it because Amazon is a well-known and trusted brand.

  • Knowing about Product.

When you’re promoting a product you should know all about the product and the company like service, reviews, customer help, pricing, etc…

Find out more about the product in-depth, read more about it, use it. If you come across a product that doesn’t fit your profile, get to know it as much as possible.

You can choose any product you believe in, and sell the products you love, and affiliate marketing becomes more than a job.

Because knowing about the product can help in promoting it better.

  • Offering Free.

Then, someone sees offering free that will attract audiences to buy because audiences will think they are benefited.

Select products that offer free like offering bones (ebooks) in courses, services offering a free plan, or free trial.

Some affiliate programs may even reward you for customers’ repeat purchases of the same product as a bonus. You can also pay attention to this condition of the offer.

  • Selecting Genuine Products.

When someone is looking to pay money for something they need genuine products.

Genuine product means that products not are scam and should be satisfying the customers

  • Make it Personal.

Promote a product that you’re using daily, that you love,

Best way to find any affiliate products.

Best way to find any affiliate products.

Search engines are an easy and direct way to find the best affiliate products relevant to your niche. You can simply type in “affiliate marketing products” (and your particular niche) in the search box.

It is also possible to search for particular companies and what affiliate programs they have. For instance, Amazon and eBay both have affiliate programs.

A very important point to take into account is where an affiliate program operates. Oftentimes high-paying affiliate programs are only available in certain countries. For instance, high-paying affiliate programs may only be available in the United States.

Affiliate directories are places where affiliate managers post information about their programs, and affiliate partners come to find the best affiliate programs for their niche. Therefore, you can search for offers by category, niche, type, and commission size.


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